Massage therapist Soledad Cuesta

Massage therapist
Soledad Cuesta

Soledad works: Mon 3pm - 7.30pm
Thurs 1pm - 7.30pm
Saturday 10.00am - 2.30pm

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Phone: 07821 234344


From the age of eight I was a very passionate basketball player, and all through my teens when I played for my high school team and which I coached in my final school years. Between the ages of 14-16 I played professionally for a team in Badajoz, Spain. I commenced my studies at the University of Madrid where I continued to play basketball until a variety of injuries started to keep me away from the court. After numerous visits to the physiotherapist I became increasingly interested in physical therapy and the human anatomy and consequently started my personal studies independent of my coursework.

Once I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and Advertisement, I started to study Cranial Sacral Therapy with the aims of becoming a fully qualified therapist. Later I added other approaches like Myofascial Chains Therapy and Eutony.

I worked in Spain for 3 years developing myself as a Cranial Sacral Therapist before moving to Scotland to continue my new career path. Here I have gained qualifications in Swedish Massage, Bowen Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage and Scar Work Therapy. I am a member of the Scottish Massage Therapist Organization (SMTO) and a volunteer therapist with MND Scotland.

I will always continue to further my knowledge in therapies to develop in what I do.

My background playing basketball and studying tai chi has given me far more awareness of the demands and challenges on the body in the different stages of life with injuries, disease, or unhealthy modern ways of life. I am on a personal mission to help as many people regain and retain their maximum physical health.